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Jedi Gunfighters, n. 1. The greatest collection of fast-shooting, slick-talking, ornery, smelly and ugly polecats (except for the ladies) that ever pulled a sixgun, aimed a rifle or pointed a shotgun while specializing in shooting 'gunfighter-style' with two pistols out and blazing away. 2. Known to travel all over the USA and the world competing in Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Cowboy Action Shooting matches. 3. There are also unique categories of these polecats like Master Jedi's, Sith Lords, Dark Lords, Pale Rider Jedi's, Outlaw Jedi's and Soot Dove's. 4. The renowned 'Jedi Council' is tasked with establishing and upholding the standards of the group. 5. Often found around the campfire with the nicest people in the world - other cowboy action shooters.

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A few years back during the time that 'Badlands Bud' and 'Widowmaker Hill' were setting/resetting/re-resetting the Gunfighter World Record times, it was mentioned that "we must be Jedi's because 'The Force' was with us."

From there, the 'Jedi Gunfighter' designation was started. It originally consisted of just a couple dozen well-known, fast and/or dedicated Gunfighter's that most of us had heard of. A handful of those were designated as 'Master Jedi' due to either (or both) their proficiency with pistols in the Gunfighter style of shooting and/or their dedication into SASS and making available very good information to help other shooters, particularly Gunfighter's. This is an unofficial group and not sanctioned by SASS and is not an official SASS category.

Today, the 'Jedi Council' looks at the shooter's dedication in SASS, how active they are in club activities, how helpful during shoots, how well they understand Gunfighter guidelines/rules, etc. and of course, reasonable proficiency with their pistols as a Gunfighter. BUT, a Jedi Gunfighter does not have to be a pure Gunfighter at every match! A few Jedi's are predominately Traditional style shooters that shoot Gunfighter at special events, etc AND are VERY DEDICATED club officers, match directors, etc.

Required Criteria -

  1. Must have SASS Range Officer status (ROI or ROII)
  2. Must have shot Gunfighter at least ONE year, preferably the most recent year.

General Criteria - at least one of the following, PLUS being an all-around good member of SASS/CAS:

  1. have won a match shooting Gunfighter (min 5 stages)
  2. have shot a clean match shooting Gunfighter (min 5 stages)
  3. be an Ambassador, either by deed and/or attitude. Generally understands the rules in what is acceptable as a Gunfighter.
  4. ANY intangible that makes a shooter 'A Cut Above' as a Gunfighter.
Contact 'Widder' to apply.

'Korupt Karl' has designed and had made a special Jedi Gunfighter pin that members can purchase from him for the nominal charge of $6.00. He can be reached by email at kptkarl@msn.com, by phone at 260-438-1044 or by mail at Karl Peterson, PO Box 15746, Fort Wayne, IN 46885.

He also has a belt buckle available for $26.00 each. He has a padded envelope that holds three buckles nicely if you can order them for yourself and a couple of other Jedi's it would be nice and help him out. If not, he can send them out one at a time. Include your alias and Jedi number (see list below) so he can make sure you are on the list.


"Widder" also known as 'Widowmaker Hill'.


1. Lassiter OH Master Jedi 2010 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year; SASS Regulator
2. Badlands Bud CA Master Jedi Jedi Council
3. Badlands Ben TX Master Jedi  
4. Max Montana IN Master Jedi  
5. D.Q. Jones GA    
6. Doc Duncan GA    
7. Jackalope TN   Dark Lord, Pale Rider Jedi
8. Pleasant TN    
9. Carolina Gem NC   Lady Gunfighter
10. Curl E. Kay TX Master Jedi 5-time EOT Lady Gunfighter Champion
11. Judge Mint Day IN    
12. Walker Colt VA Master Jedi  
13. Doc Shapiro CA Master Jedi  
14. Cypress Sam FL    
15. Blackey Cole NM    
16. Keystone TN    
17. Madd Mike NV   2006 Nevada State GF & Overall Champion
18. Bison Bud KY    
19. Barley Pop Bill PA   Dark Lord
20. Mustang Megs PA   Lady Gunfighter
21. Widowmaker Hill TN   Jedi Council; 2012 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year
22. Red Haymaker CA    
23. Wild Root CA Master Jedi  
24. Manatee IN   2008 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year
25. Blaze-O-Glory IA    
26. Double R. CO    
27. Easy Rider GA Master Jedi 5-time EOT Gunfighter Champion
28. Tex NM   Dark Lord; SASS Wild Bunch member
29. Beau Ryker TX    
30. Nueces Outlaw TX Master Jedi  
31. T-Bone Dooley TX    
32. Montana Longhair IN    
33. Ace Derringer IN    
34. Frenchy Yukon IN    
35. WBSE IL    
36. Appalachian Alan KY    
37. Black Jack Traven CA    
38. Cripple Creek Kid OH    
39. Fort Hays Preacher KS    
40. J R Leadslinger MN    
41. Partner IL    
42. Doc Nelson UT    
43. Preacherman FL    
44. Jesse Toothpick FL    
45. La Gata Loca FL    
46. Dakota Lil FL   Lady Gunfighter
47. Constable Nelson AUS    
48. Cheyenne Culpepper OH   Pale Rider Jedi; Dark Lord
49. Zwing Hunt KY    
50. Purgatory Smith OR    
51. Tule Spud OR    
52. Jed I Knight OR Sith Lord Jedi Council
53. Shoshone Slim MO    
54. Wrangler Rich IL    
55. Boss Wally Streetor IL    
56. Tex Hewitt IL    
57. Jailbird IL    
58. Prairie Rat KY    
59. Anvil Al TX    
60. ColeBlueSteel TX    
61. Bluff GA    
62. Katlyn Ross GA   Lady Gunfighter
63. Senorita Tora Todo UT   Lady Gunfighter
64. Possum Skinner LA   Jedi Council
65. Justice D. Spencer IN    
66. Spades Hanlin NY    
67. Wilbur Rexroat OH    
68. Rose Louise Reasoner OH   Lady Gunfighter
69. Deadwood Stan OH    
70. Cayuse Jack MI    
71. Dixie Avenger UT    
72. Lou Graham CT   Soot Lady Gunfighter
73. Buzzards Brat UT    
74. William Waddy UT    
75. Calgary Kate CA   Lady Gunfighter; 2009 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year
76. Mescalero CA   2009 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year
77. Crazy Emmitt MS    
78. Jess Ducky UT   2011 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year
79. Teddy Bear AZ    
80. Half-A-Hand Henri NM   2007 Lady Gunfighter Champion at EOT; 2006, 07, 08, 14, 15 Lady Gunfighter Champion at Winter Range.
81. Clay Mosby CA    
82. Early Dawn NV    
83. Vermin Hunter NY    
84. Sgt. Eli IL    
85. H. G. Wells CA Master Jedi 1999 EOT Gunfighter Championship
86. Goody TX    
87. Chain Blue KS    
88. Bad River Marty MI    
89. Critter T. Longshot NY   Dark Lord
90. Fast Harley TN    
91. Last Kiss TN Master Jedi Lady Gunfighter
92. Die Walker MI    
93. Second Hand Jack MI    
94. Laporte Lil MI   Lady Gunfighter
95. Duke Dakota MI    
96. Sterling Star CA    
97. Mustang Gregg NE   TG for ENGC & HPR
98. Wireman SC    
99. Noah Gonna Tellya TX    
100. Tall Drink of Water TN    
101. Doc Cole FL    
102. Fireball FL   Pale Rider Jedi
103. Rocky Meadows TX   Lady Gunfighter
104. Jefro NC    
105. Loose Cinch GA    Outlaw Jedi
106. Tennessee Tombstone TN    Outlaw Jedi
107. Just George CA    
108. Clora Form CA    
109. Judge'm All Duncan GA   Dark Lord, SASS Regulator
110. Creeker NV    
111. Kid Ziggy TN    
112. YoungBlood CA    
113. Ivory Jack McCloud CA    
114. Guy Wolf CA    
115. Marshal Phil DeGrave CA    
116. Sheriff Horton CA    
117. Deuce Stevens MI   SASS RO Committee
118. Cherokee Big Dawg KY    
119. Jack Houston TX    
120. Black Jack Beeson OH    
121. Split Rail OH   Dark Lord; SASS Regulator
122. Moonwaltz Kid KY   Pale Rider Jedi
123. Royal Barnes NC   Pale Rider Jedi; SASS Regulator; TG
124. Lucius Hewlett IN    
125. No Name Cowboy OH    
126. Korupt Karl IN    2015 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year; SASS Regulator; Territorial Governor
127. Speedy McDraw OR    
128. Cowboy Rick IA    
129. Spittoon Otool IN    
130. Ugly IL    
131. Dead Head NH   2016 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year; SASS Regulator; Dark Lord
132. The Legend OR    
133. Just John MI    
134. Hot Lead Heather NC   Soot Dove
135. Hard Scrabble IN    
136. Clancy O'Connell TN    
137. Blood Washed IN    
138. Black River Bill MI    
139. Crosscut Hardy LA    
140. Headstone Hunter AR    
141. Velvet Glove AR   Lady Gunfighter
142. Chance Ramsey FL    
143. Wyatt FL    
144. Blackwater TN    
145. Buck D Law AL    
146. Stone Creek Drifter OH   Dark Lord; SASS Regulator, TG, Guns of America Pale Rider Gunfighter
147. Colorado Coffinmaker PA    
148. Gawd Awful AZ    
149. Granny Annie IA   2-time National Champion Lady Gunfighter; 2013 Overall Iowa State Lady Champion
150. Hondo Tucker KS    
151. Texas Gator TX    
152. Chula Kat TX   Lady Gunfighter
153. Shady McLarry TX    
154. Buffy Lo Gal TX   Lady Gunfighter; 2013 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year
155. Partner's Partner IL   Lady Gunfighter; SASS Regulator
156. Crotchety Old Grouch OR    
157. Sterling Gentry FL    
158. Shifty Eye GA    
159. Boaz OH    
160. Samuel 'Doc' Eells OH    
161. Creek Johnson AL    
162. Digger John KS    
163. OKAW IL   Outlaw Jedi
164. Dusty Levis NY    
165. Wylie Harp MA   Dark Lord
166. Grazer MA    
167. Miss Harley Davidson OR   Lady Gunfighter
168. Kookanadude OR   Lady Gunfighter
169. Wes Outlaw TN    
170. Deadly Sharpshooter FL    
171. Pit Bull Tex TX    
172. PaleWolf Brunelle OR   SASS RO Committee; 2014 Jedi Gunfighter of the Year;
173. Clementine Valentine OH   Lady Gunfighter
174. Single Action ME    
175. Bdoc PA    
176. John Barleycorn PA    
177. Lightning Cat **RIP** CO    
178. Dusty Feller OH    
179. Apache Wolf MI    
180. Hikes Point Hank GA   2014 Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter World Champion
181. Irish Leadslinger LA   Lady Gunfighter
182. Nuttin Graceful TX    
183. Hawkshaw Fred TX    
184. Von Zipper FL    
186. I B Oneye CO    
187. Gunner Gatlin MI    
188. Painted Filly CO    Lady Gunfighter
189. TN Critter TN    
190. Fire N Fall Back KY    
191. Let's Go KY    
192. Idaho Bad Company ID    
193. Calico Mary CO   Lady Gunfighter
194. Peter Gabriel NY    
195. Whisperin Wade OR    
196. Lacey D'Oyly AZ   2014 Lady Gunfighter World Champion
197. Hundred X Kid IN    
198. Lead Hammer OR    
199. Dang It Dan FL   2014 Gunfighter National Champion
200. Slater TN    
201. Cassalong Hoppidy GA    
202. Koda Joe GA    
203. Buckaroo Bubba OH   SASS Regulator, TG for 'The Brown Township Regulators'
204. Rowdy Bovine PA    
205. Valrico Kid FL    
206. Preacher Ben Pray'n RI   RO II Instructor
207. Dogonit AZ    
208. Mustang Bill IN    
209. HICK NZ    
210. Northern Crow Canada    
211. Striker VA    
212. Whiskey Creek Johnson KY    
213. Lilly Long UT    
214. Double Tap Taylor CT   Dark Lord
215. Stumpman AR   2017 National Gunfighter Champion
216. Rock Rotten AR    
217. Major Mishap FL    
218. Chicken Scratch FL    
219. Flash LA   TG for 'Up The Creek Gang'
220. Anita Margarita TN    
221. Unpleasant TN    
222. Jim No Horse (Honorary) TX    
223. Mrs. Pleasant TN    
224. Avery Wade CO   2018 National Gunfighter Champion
225. Mad Dane AL   Dark Lord
226. Alabama Shootist AL    
227. Billy Broncstomper MO    
228. Lawman Mark AL    
229. Will Killigan AL    
230. Branchwater Jack AL   Dark Lord & RO Black Pin
231. Dead Lee Shooter AL    
232. Reno Mustang TN    
233. Choctaw Silverwolf LA    
234. Choctaw Rosie LA    
235. Scarlett Darlin' SC    
236. Chocataw Kid OH    
237. Buffalo Dick OH    
238. Too Dusty Canada    
239. High Country Amigo Canada   SASS Regulator
240. Kananaskis Kid Canada    
241. Vaquero Jake KY    
242. Memphis Reigns IA    
243. Rusty Remington TX    
244. Billy the Avenger IL    
245. Baby Doll Blue OH    
246. Hooligan Howes PA    
247. Shamrock Sadie SC    
248. Nasty Nels NV    
249. K. C. Woody Australia    
250. Yankee Dutchman TN    
251. Rusty Hammer MO    
252. Gifford Gringo Canada    
253. Black Ashley Canada    
254. Killshot Kenny Canada    
255. Black Jack Ketchum CO    
256. Kid Whiskey FL    

If you are a Jedi Gunfighter listed above and don't have a picture linked to your name, please email Dead Head with your favorite picture. Be sure to include your alias and Jedi number so I can put in on for you.

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