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Jedi Gunfighters, n. 1. The greatest collection of fast-shooting, slick-talking, ornery, smelly and ugly polecats (except for the ladies) that ever pulled a sixgun, aimed a rifle or pointed a shotgun while specializing in shooting 'gunfighter-style' with two pistols out and blazing away. 2. Known to travel all over the USA and the world competing in Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Cowboy Action Shooting matches. 3. There are also unique categories of these polecats like Master Jedi's, Sith Lords, Dark Lords, Pale Rider Jedi's, Outlaw Jedi's and Soot Dove's. 4. The renowned 'Jedi Council' is tasked with establishing and upholding the standards of the group. 5. Often found around the campfire with the nicest people in the world - other cowboy action shooters.

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Colt Single Action Army

Jedi Gunfighter of the Year:

The Jedi Council annually elects the Jedi Gunfighter of the Year to honor that shooter or shooters that has done the most to advance the sport that year.

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