Danvers Desperados

Danvers Fish and Game Club

Middleton, MA

We've got a great mix of experienced shooters and new shooters and invite you to join us in the fastest-growing shooting sport in America. We have a lot of fun and will be glad to help new shooters get started.


Shoot Dates:


Directions: Take I-95 North to Exit 47B. If going south on I-95 from New Hampshire take Exit 50 (Route 1 South). Then take Route 114 west for about 1.5 miles. Take sharp right on Log Bridge Road right before Market Basket and just after Dunkin Donuts. There is also a sign to the Essex County Technical School. Follow Log Bridge Road past some businesses and it will change to Birch Road. Keep going straight until you get to the Danvers Fish and Game Club. Keep going straight past the clubhouse and past an archery area.

                         Map to Danvers Fish and Game Club.