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The Hurricane Valley Rangers, n. 1. The sorriest collection of low-down, double-dealing, four-flushing, rotgut-swilling, slick-talking, fast-shooting, ornery, smelly and ugly polecats that ever pulled a sixgun, aimed a rifle or pointed a shotgun. 2. Known to travel all over the Northeast competing in Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Cowboy Action Shooting matches. 3. Also known as the "MAINEiacs". 4. Usually at the Falmouth Rod and Gun Club, Inc. in Falmouth, Maine on selected dates during the late spring, summer and early fall. 5. Found around the campfire with the nicest people in the world - other cowboy action shooters.

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Dates in 2013:
Saturday, May 11th
Sunday, June 16th
Sunday, October 20th
We shoot six quick stages and then eat lunch.

Results: Click here.

Times: Registration begins at 8:00 a.m., Mandatory Shooters Meeting at 9:00 a.m., Shooting starts soon after. Lunch will be available afterwards.

Registration fees: SASS members $20.00, non-SASS members $25.00, Juniors - FREE. We are "junior" and "new shooter" friendly.

Dress Code: This is called Cowboy Action Shooting for a reason. We dress in the attire of the Old American West. We do cut greenhorns and tenderfeet some slack, but do the best you can. You must wear eye and ear protection.

Directions: From the south: Take Exit 53 "Route 26-100 West Falmouth" off the Maine Turnpike (I-95). Turn left at light after the toll booth and go north on Route 26/100 (Gray Road) for 2.8 miles. Hopefully you will see the sign on the left. (Map)

From the north: Take Exit 54 "Gray" off Maine Turnpike (I-95). Head south on Route 26. Falmouth Rod and Gun Club is on the right past Hurricane Road which is also on the right.

Exit 48 - Holiday Inn - Portland West,  Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel,  Super 8 Motel,  Motel 6,  Travelodge,  Ramada Limited.
Exit 46 - Comfort Inn
Exit 45 - Sheraton,  Days Inn.



"Smokey Sue" (Leo Arseneault), 207-829-3092, Email


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Garrett Slowhand WadeThumnail image of "Slowhand".  Click for more images.    Smokey Sue
(2004 SASS Maine State Men's Champion)
(2005 SASS Maine State Men's Champion)
(2006 SASS Maine State Men's Champion)
Thumbnail image of "Smokey Sue". Click for more images.    Paden Lead
(2004 SASS Maine State Modern Champion)
Thumbnail image of "Paden".  Click for more images.
Jake Mountain
(2003 SASS ME State Men's Champion)
(2004 SASS NH State Men's Champion)
(2005 SASS NH State Men's Champion)
(2006 SASS New England Regional Men's Champion)
Thumnail image of "Jake Mountain".  Click for more images.    Angel MountainThumbnail image of Angel Mountain.  Click to see more of her.    Virgil McCainThumbnail image of "Virgil McCain".  Click for more images.
U B MountainThumbnail image of "U.B. Mountain".  Click for more images.    Ellie Mae Mountain
(2005 SASS Maine State Ladies Senior Champion)
Ellie Mae Holliday. Click for additional pictures.    S F MountainClick image for additional photos of S F Mountain.
Tracker LonesumThumnail image of "Tracker Lonesum".  Click for more images.    Little Britches Wade
(2003 SASS Maine State Junior Champion)
(2005 SASS Maine State Junior Champion)
Thumnail image of "Little Britches".  Click for more images.    Single Action
(2004 SASS Maine State Senior Duelist Champion)
Thumbnail photo of Single Action.  Click to see more images.
Sixgun SableClick to see more photos of Sixgun Sable.    Baja PaThumbnail image of Baja Pa.  Click for more images.    Splinter Jack
(2004 SASS Maine State Duelist Champion)
Thumbnail photo of Splinter Jack.  Click to see more photos of him.
Fu-Man ChuThumbnail of Fu-Man Chu.  Click for additional images.    Lilly-Kaye MountainClick on thumbnail photo to get more photos of 'Lilly-Kaye Mountain'.    Bullseye Bade
(2003 SASS Maine State Gunfighter Champion)
Thumnail image of "Bullseye Bade".  Click for more images.
   Dead Head
Thumbnail image of "Dead Head"   

Shooters Meeting at the July 2002 Shoot at Falmouth.
Shooters Meeting at the July 2002 Hurricane Valley Rangers Shoot at Falmouth Rod and Gun Club, Inc.
L to R: "Garrett Slowhand Wade", back of "Bullseye Bade", "Smokey Sue", "Paden" and "Jake Mountain".


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